Post-radioactive Iodine Therapy For Hyperthyroidism?

Illustration of Post-radioactive Iodine Therapy For Hyperthyroidism?
Illustration: Post-radioactive Iodine Therapy For Hyperthyroidism?

Hello, I want to ask .. I just did radioactive iodine therapy for the treatment of my hyperthyroidism. I want to ask if after doing this therapy, is it okay to have sex with my husband? Like kissing, etc … If you can’t, what will happen or the impact with that partner? Then what to do if it happened?

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Hello, Ria Sari, thank you for asking

Radioactive iodine therapy is a well-known therapy for people with hyperthyroidism / excess thyroid hormone in the body. This therapy destroys the cells that produce thyroid hormone.

After doing radioactive iodine therapy, your body will contain low levels of radioactivity that will disappear within 3 weeks. Radioiodine that is not absorbed by the thyroid gland will be excreted with urine within a few days after therapy. For that, some of these things must be done to prevent radiation exposure to other people:

1. You should sleep alone for 3-5 days after therapy, depending on the strength of the dose. Ask your doctor.

2. Personal contact with children (eg hugging, kissing) should be avoided for 3 to 7 days, depending on the strength of the dose.

3. Within 3 days after therapy, keep a distance from other people (especially children and pregnant and breastfeeding women), about 2 meters. Avoid public places first. Drink plenty of water to help flush out radioactive iodine in the urine.

4. For the first 3 days, do not share tools, such as a bed, towels, or other personal tools. Washing clothes and washing dishes should be separated. After using the toilet, wipe it with a tissue. Wash your hands frequently with soap and shower.

In essence, keep urine, saliva (saliva), sweat, and other body fluids away from others to prevent radioactive effects. Ask your doctor how many days you should keep other people exposed to radiation, as this depends on the dose given to you. Small amounts of radiation can be detected on radiation monitors at airports, hospitals, or others, up to 3 months after therapy. Ask the doctor for a letter explaining your situation if you can't avoid these places.

The things mentioned above should be done to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure to other people. If there has been exposure, there are several factors that influence a person to be affected by the effects of iodine radiation, such as the dose of exposure, duration of exposure (how long the exposure occurs), and how the exposure occurs. In addition, age, gender, general health conditions, lifestyle, heredity and diet can also affect.

The possible effects of exposure to radioiodine therapy in normal people are, for example, thyroid hormone disorders, but as mentioned above, it depends on the things above. For that, if there has been exposure, you can get the person who is roughly exposed to the doctor to be sure of their condition. In addition, drink lots of water, live a healthy lifestyle, and get adequate rest so that the body is fit. It is better to follow the precautions after radioiodine therapy in order to avoid further radioactive exposure.

So, hopefully this is useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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