Post Surgery Of The Fingers?

I want to do it 3 weeks ago I did surgery on my ring finger which was caused by a torn tendon, said the bone specialist. After the surgery, my finger remained bent exactly the same as before the operation .. Told the doctor there was a bone that was removed a little … that’s the gym

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Tendon is a connective tissue that connects muscles to bones. Tendons are essential for movement of joints such as finger joints. Tendons can be injured or even torn, for example from an injury or accident.

The torn tendon requires surgery. After completion of the operation, if only the tendon is torn, the finger will usually return to normal. If your doctor removes a little bone, it may be due to previous damage to your bones and tendons. If there is severe bone and tendon damage, the doctor will usually remove or intervene in the bone, which may cause deformities in the finger.

Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out routine control to the surgeon who treats you, so that the doctor can check your condition regularly. in addition, doing physiotherapy may aid postoperative healing and help restore finger function.

here's an article you can read about tendons

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