Post-surgery Urachus?

Illustration of Post-surgery Urachus?
Illustration: Post-surgery Urachus?

Good afternoon doctor, My son just had urachus surgery at the age of 40 days about 1 month ago. I want to ask if the urachus has been operated on, how is the effect? How long does it take for the navel to form like a navel in general? thanks.

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Hi Ivana,

Thank you for asking

The urachus is a tube that connects the bladder with the umbilicus (navel) of the fetus. Normally, this channel will close and the cells undergo apoptosis (planned cell death) at around 12 weeks of gestation and are replaced by a connective tissue called the media umbilical ligament.

However, in some conditions, the process of closing the urachus canal has problems. Thus, there is an abnormal tube that connects the bladder and navel until the baby is born into the world. There are several types of this condition. However, the most common is patent urachus, which is characterized by the discharge of urine through the navel. If not treated properly, this condition is very susceptible to recurring infections in the baby's navel. This infection can also spread to the urinary tract, or even to blood and other distant organs.

To prevent dangerous complications, it is necessary to do definitive treatment, namely by surgery. This operation is performed by excising (cutting) the urachus, usually through a small tube connected through a camera (laparoscopic) by making an incision in the lower abdomen.

In this urachus surgery, the navel which is on the outside of the abdomen will generally be preserved, and not cut. Therefore, it needs to be clarified, what kind of navel shape do you mean?

Operation of urachus, as long as it is performed by competent medical personnel, generally rarely leaves dangerous complications. The complications that can arise include infection, but this can usually be overcome by administering drugs, such as antibiotics.

Consult directly with a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon who treats your child regarding the best way to handle it after surgery to optimize healing.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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