Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Illustration of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Illustration: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?


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PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a mental disorder that arises because it is triggered by an event that causes trauma (the person can experience it himself or just see a terrible event). The following are some of the symptoms of PTSD:

Recurring memories of traumatic events can even be accompanied by feelings of recurring events
The occurrence of dreams about traumatic events
The occurrence of excessive anxiety to panic attacks when exposed to something reminiscent of a traumatic event
Avoiding thinking or talking about traumatic events
Avoiding certain places or people or things related to traumatic events
Negative thoughts about yourself or others arise
Feeling hopeless for the future
There is memory impairment, including not being able to remember traumatic events
Difficulty developing close relationships with other people
Feeling far away from family and friends
Losing interest in activities that you liked before
Can't feel anything
It's easy to feel surprised and scared
Always feel in danger
There are destructive behaviors such as drinking excess alcohol or driving too fast
Trouble sleeping
Trouble concentrating
Irritable and aggressive behavior
Feeling excessive guilt or shame

After experiencing a traumatic event, it is very natural for a person to feel afraid, sad, anxious, angry, and feel other negative feelings. But over time, these feelings will pass and the conditions will disappear and heal by themselves. A person is said to have PTSD if these symptoms are excessive, are felt for up to 1 month, and there are disturbances in work or social relationships.

If you do experience the symptoms mentioned above, these symptoms have lasted up to 1 month or more, then you should immediately consult a psychiatrist for further evaluation and management. If you do not experience these symptoms or have had it for less than a month, maybe you are still in the adjustment stage after the traumatic event you experienced. Enlist the support of your friends and family to help you through this adjustment period. You can still consult a psychiatrist to help you get through this time even if your symptoms are not leading to PTSD. Your doctor can do a short psychotherapy session to help you adjust and accept the incident so you don't develop PTSD.

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