Postoperative Care Mamae?

Illustration of Postoperative Care Mamae?
Illustration: Postoperative Care Mamae?

I want to ask. After Mama’s operation, I operated on Thursday, May 15, bandaged for 3 days and was not informed to be cleaned until the control was returned on Tuesday, May 20. Is that reasonable or bgm. Given the info from friends after the operation must be cleaned in the morning and change the bandage. Information please. thank you

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Postoperative control is generally done 5-7 days after surgery depending on the type and location of the operation performed. And the first dressing was replaced by the doctor at the time of the control. This is to prevent infection due to wounds that are still wet in the first few days, avoiding contamination from the outside air and avoiding contamination if it is not cleaned with the right tools and methods that are sterile.

Therefore, it is better to follow the instructions of the doctor who previously treated you, keep control according to the schedule given, continue to consume the obata given if there is, still maintain personal hygiene and the environment, do not suppress or manipulate the former operation

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