Postoperative Care Of The Elbow?

Illustration of Postoperative Care Of The Elbow?
Illustration: Postoperative Care Of The Elbow?

In the evening, I am an elbow patient who has finished surgery. R nThe doctor prescribed dialon medicine to heal my elbow, but after I looked at all pharmacies, it seems that the drug is no longer on sale. R nAs for healing I need dialon medicine r n

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Hello Ismail.

Thank you for the question.

Previously, what surgery was done on your elbow? Is the operation an elbow fracture surgery? If so, are there any plates or pins installed?

After undergoing surgery, your elbow will undergo a wound healing process. The elbow contains nerves, skin, muscles and bones. If you have an injury to one of them, it will cause pain. This healing process takes place in 3 phases:

inflammation phase. This phase lasts up to 5 days. In this phase the elbow will look swollen or inflamed. Inflammation can cause pain, redness, and difficulty moving.
the proliferation phase. This phase lasts from the end of the inflammatory phase to the end of the third week. In this phase, the wound will be covered by new tissue that develops into scar tissue or scar tissue
remodeling phase. This phase can last from the end of the proliferation phase to many months. In this phase, it will form like a network and its original shape. At this time the swelling will be absorbed so that the elbow can begin to move.

At the beginning of the wound healing period after surgery, you will feel pain. Dialon is indicated as a painkiller. Dialon contains indometacin. Indometacin is one of the NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drugs) or non-steroidal drugs used for anti-inflammation. This drug is good for relieving pain, swelling, stiffness due to inflammation in the tissue that connects muscles to bones. The use of indometacin also depends on the cause of pain. In some cases, such as osteoarthritis, use of indometacin for weeks.

Basically all NSAIDs work similarly to indometacin. So, you can use another class of NSAIDs. Of course, after consulting with your elbow surgeon.

As for the things that must be considered in consuming NSAID class drugs and must immediately see a doctor:

change in consistency of feces
discoloration of the stool becomes darker
nausea and / or accompanied by vomiting
loss of appetite
bruising easily

Suggestions for treatment of the elbow after surgery at this time:

Do not do many activities that use your elbows or don't move much
eat a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet
do not smoke
do not drink alcoholic beverages
the area and the area around the surgical wound must be clean and dry
Control and take doctor's medication regularly

That's my explanation, hopefully it can be useful.

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dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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