Postoperative Endometriosis Hormone Injection?

hello doctor, I was after surgery for a right endometriosis cyst on February 6, 2018, amounting to 7.7cm which resulted in my right ovary being removed. but in my case, the doctor did not recommend tapros and other injections. while my friend had the same cyst but only 1.5 cm he had to use tapros.

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The drug you mentioned contains leuprorelin acetate, which is a synthetic compound which is an analogue of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH).

Works in lowering the levels of the female hormone estrogen. In women it is used in the treatment of endometriosis, uterine myoma, endometrial thickening, early puberty and breast cancer.

In endometriosis, this drug should only be used for women over 18 years. Treatment is carried out in 6 months. Starting on the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle, inject every 3 months. In the initial treatment, there will be a temporary increase in the hormone estrogen, up to 3-4 weeks after that there will be a decrease in the hormone estrogen until the level is the same as in monopause. This is what causes the size of endometriosis to shrink, over time it will disappear and be absorbed by the body.

Possible reasons doctors do not recommend treatment with this hormone for you, because:

1. Endometriosis has been completely removed, so that this method of treatment is no longer needed.

2. Because the right ovary has been completely removed, causing estrogen levels to be lower than before. This is because most of the hormone estrogen is produced by the eggs in the ovaries.

For more details, you should ask the treating doctor again, of course he will know more about your condition and the best treatment for you.

Regarding your ability to have children, it should not be affected by this. Because you still have the left ovary. When you later undergo a pregnant program, control regularly to the doctor according to the predetermined schedule.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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