Postoperative Fistula Inflammation?

Illustration of Postoperative Fistula Inflammation?
Illustration: Postoperative Fistula Inflammation?

Good afternoon Dokt, I want to ask, about 2 years ago I had an Fistula Ani operation, thank God everything went smoothly, but lately around the former operation for sitting activities is rather painful and uncomfortable, but for sports activities, standing up, and for defecation without pain, I want to ask if there is an indication of recurrence or what kind of doct, and what medicine, thank you,

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Basically, under the skin around the anus there are many small glands. When these glands are blocked and infected, an abscess can form around the anus, and in some cases, pus in the abscess will find a way to exit and form an abnormal channel called the anal fistula. Therapy for anal fistulas is surgery, and fistual closure surgery can be done in various ways (can be with fistulotomy, giving a plug / plug with fibrin or collagen glue, making flaps, etc.). The success rate of each method of closing the fistula can vary.

The symptoms that you are experiencing right now could be an early sign of a recurrence of fistula in the same place, or it could also indicate the appearance of a new gland obstruction or new abscess in the anus. Other possible causes include hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids, anal fissure / anal wounds, anal cancer, etc. You should immediately check with your doctor so that you can be examined and given the appropriate treatment.

For now, try to increase your consumption of vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of fluids, and increase physical activity to prevent constipation. You should also not push too hard when you defecate. Avoid too much sitting and standing for too long. You can also soak the anus in warm water to help reduce pain. So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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