Postoperative Myoma Side Effects?

Illustration of Postoperative Myoma Side Effects?
Illustration: Postoperative Myoma Side Effects?

I stated yesterday that there was a myoma in my uterus, which was 9cm. If after being appointed can I still get pregnant … The thing is I have never been pregnant.

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Myoma condition is a benign tumor in the area of ​​the uterus where this can occur due to uterine cell division that occurs continuously, so that the uterine muscle cells form a lump. This condition can cause symptoms such as pain, a palpable lump in the uterus, abnormal bleeding. Regarding the condition, the main treatment is an operation called myomectomy. It is to evacuate the tumor. Can be considered hormone therapy if the myoma is still small which is about less than 2 cm and without symptoms.

Related to the operation, it is better to talk directly with a specialist specialist because if it is not operated on, it can cause complications in the form of anemia, pregnancy difficulties, or inferiority. But when surgery is performed there are risks such as infection, or recurrence.

Regarding surgery if only the tumor is removed then it is still possible to get pregnant because there is still a uterus, which does not allow pregnancy if the uterine removal device

More information in the following article.

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