Postoperative Suture Wound And Duration Of Healing?

Illustration of Postoperative Suture Wound And Duration Of Healing?
Illustration: Postoperative Suture Wound And Duration Of Healing?

Hello doctor, Yesterday I fell from the motorbike, the motorbike handlebar hit my fingernails and broke … I got a small surgery by pulling out the rest of the nails and stitching them up. Wounded stitches still bleed and sometimes feel painful, is that normal? and I was advised by the hospital to come back again in a few days but the bandages and gauze were a bit moist because it absorbed blood, were there any side effects if left unchecked for the next few days until the control schedule? and suppose for general healing how long will it take? thanks the team

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Suture that still feels painful during the healing period is normal, due to the inflammatory process that occurs during the healing period. For wounds that are still bleeding and bleeding, as long as the blood that comes out is not active (only a little), and getting less and less, is also normal.

Pain becomes unnatural, if the pain tends to increase rather than decrease, accompanied by redness and swelling in the wound that is getting worse, pus formed, the wound more open and even open stitches, and more active bleeding. This indicates that there is an infection in the wound, so that if it occurs it must immediately consult a doctor for further examination can be given drugs to kill the bacteria that causes infection (antibiotics).

Stitches on the skin other than the face generally heal within 7 days. If more than this time your wound does not show dry signs, then you should consult a doctor because the wound is long healed can indicate an infection or malnutrition.

As for your nails that are pulled out, generally nail growth every day is 0.1 mm, so the time it takes for your nails to grow depends entirely on the size of each person's nails.

Gauze that covers the wound, if it is wet it should be replaced immediately. Because the wet conditions of gauze that are not replaced immediately can trigger an infection. To replace the gauze, you can do it yourself at home if you have sterile gauze, 0.9% NaCl liquid to clean the wound, and you can ensure that you carry out the process sterile. If you do not have these ingredients and cannot be sure you can do them clean and sterile, you should do a gauze replacement at the nearest hospital or clinic.

As for what you should do is:

Avoid touching the wound area often to prevent dirty cuts and infections
Avoid sores from dirty and wet conditions
Wash hands before touching the area around the wound
Consume foods high in protein such as egg whites, chicken meat, or fish meat to optimize healing

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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