Postoperative Suture

Illustration of Postoperative Suture
Illustration: Postoperative Suture

Salam Doc, 2 weeks ago I had surgery to remove the appendix tissue, then I saw the stitches on my stomach there is only 1 node on the left. When opening the stitches, the knot is only cut by the nurse and I see that no thread has been removed from the stitch area, how do I know this dock is a type of thread that can absorb or not, because I am worried that if the thread cannot be absorbed the rest of the thread is still left in under these stitches. u003cbr u003eThank you doc.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at When sewing, generally absorbable thread is only used to sew internal organs, such as muscles, ligaments, uterus, intestines, or other structures under the skin. As for leather, the yarn used is thread that is not absorbed, because it is stronger and easier to access when retrieving thread later.

So in your case, most likely the thread you are referring to is a thread that cannot be absorbed. But regarding whether there are still threads left or not, we also cannot be sure without seeing the wound condition directly. We suggest that if you doubt that there is still a thread that has not been taken, check yourself at the nearest public health center or clinic, no need to go back to the hospital or doctor who handled you before, just to make sure of that. If there is still thread left and the doctor has previously stated that you don't need control anymore, your general practitioner will remove the thread for you.

Meanwhile, there is no need to worry too much, keep the area clean, don't pick it up or scratch it, and if there are complaints, consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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