Postpartum Bleeding?

Illustration of Postpartum Bleeding?
Illustration: Postpartum Bleeding?

Doctor, I experienced bleeding after 14 days of giving birth to a normal IUF condition with a fetus 22 weeks. The bleeding also came out a big blood clot. Then I was hospitalized for a day and night. At this time my bleeding has stopped, sometimes there is still a little blood like menstruation. Does this happen because of the left placenta or what. But I do not feel pain or fever .. And whether if because of the remaining placenta left behind the bleeding will not stop unless cured? And the blood that comes out this little is still puerperal blood ..? Thank you for your input

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Hello Ndahkikey,

In normal labor with IUFD (the fetus dies in the womb), the mother will still experience puerperium. In the postpartum period bleeding will come out gradually less and like leucorrhoea then stop. The duration of childbirth can vary a maximum of about 6 weeks.

After the birth, has the doctor done a repeat ultrasound? If the bleeding is very much, it needs to be seen again the condition of her uterus, one of them with an ultrasound examination. There are various causes of postpartum bleeding, including:

Atonia uteri
There is still leftover placenta in the uterus
The uterus is torn
Inflammation of the uterus / endometritis
Blood clotting disorders

For now, if the bleeding has stopped, you should keep your vagina clean and change the pads regularly. Try to get enough rest and consume healthy food to help speed recovery.

If later you experience bleeding again, I suggest that you control again with your obstetrician so that an ultrasound examination can be done to ascertain the condition of your uterus. If there is still a blood clot the doctor can give medicines to help clean the uterus. However, if there is no improvement with medication, the doctor may need other actions to overcome it, for example by curettage.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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