Postpartum Is Only 3 Days, Is It Normal?

Illustration of Postpartum Is Only 3 Days, Is It Normal?
Illustration: Postpartum Is Only 3 Days, Is It Normal?

Good morning, r n r nDok I finished giving birth 10 days ago, this is my second pregnancy through SC .. the postpartum period is only 7 days 3 days it doesn’t come out at all .. is it normal? R n r nThank you,

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Postpartum blood is a lining in the uterus that is removed by the body after childbirth. Postpartum blood is like menstruation but the amount and duration is longer than menstruation in general. This postpartum occurs because during pregnancy the amount of blood increases 50% from normal and after delivery, the body is ready to get rid of the remaining blood.

Generally, the postpartum period will continue between 2-6 weeks after delivery. During this time, there will be several changes in blood color such as:

The first day, the blood will be bright red or brown
Days 2-6, postpartum blood will be more watery and dark brown or pink
Days 7-10, the blood remains the same color or turns light brown or pink
11-14 days the blood will be lighter and there is a yellowish white discharge
3-4 weeks if the blood still comes out will be pale or creamy white
Week 6, postpartum blood will be less and brown, pink, or creamy yellow

If you give birth by caesarean section, the blood that comes out will be less and may affect the duration of the puerperium.

You don't need to worry for the time being if there are no other symptoms or complaints that accompany the puerperium. Immediately to contact your obstetrician or emergency room if the following things happen:

There is just unpleasant from postpartum blood
A fever or chills develops
The vaginal discharge remains profuse and bright red after a week of delivery
There is pain in one or both sides of the stomach when pressed
The blood came out so much that you had to change the sanitary napkin for more than one bandage in one hour
There were many large blood clots coming out
Feel dizzy until you pass out
Irregular or fast heartbeat

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