Postpartum Wound Healing?

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I want to ask. After delivery I was sewn up. And after a week it turned out that the stitches were open again and had to be re-stitched. Well now it’s been 3 weeks more than the re-stitching. Yesterday it didn’t hurt, but now it hurts again and when I hold it, it feels like it’s swollen. Why is that?

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Good wound healing is characterized by a dry wound, no pain, no swelling or redness, and no pus.

It is necessary to re-examine the area of ​​the suture. It could be swelling and pain experienced due to the wound healing process is not good and infection occurs.

In addition, insect bites, allergies/irritations for example to sanitary napkins, can also cause pain or swelling in the pubic area.

Try to keep the genital or pubic area clean. Make sure the stitched area remains dry after urinating or defecating. Change sanitary napkins after delivery regularly. Use pants with comfortable materials and not too tight. Avoid straining too much. Should not have sex first if there is still swelling.

It is recommended that you check back with your doctor. So that direct inspection and evaluation of the condition of the stitches can be carried out. The doctor will provide appropriate treatment according to the results of the examination obtained.

The following page discusses Postpartum Stitches

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