Potassium Deficiency Hazard Not?

Illustration of Potassium Deficiency Hazard Not?
Illustration: Potassium Deficiency Hazard Not?

Doc, are people who are 9 months pregnant going to have a cesarean but the patient is deficient in potassium? Dangerous or not?

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Potassium is one of the mineral salts in the human body that has a function in controlling the workings of nerves and muscles. Potassium deficiency in the body is called hypokalemia. Any imbalance in body components and functions can have medical consequences. Symptoms or effects caused by lack of potassium can vary depending on the degree of severity which in this case depends on potassium levels
As a treatment for hypokalemia and as a preparation for surgery, a doctor will conduct a thorough assessment and if necessary provide potassium supplementation according to the level needed
To avoid misunderstanding, it would be nice if you can concentrate it with an obstetrician who has previously treated you.
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