Illustration of Prediabetes?
Illustration: Prediabetes?

Hello. I want to ask whether prediabetes can return to normal?

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I try to help explain.

Hyperglycemia is a condition where an increase in blood sugar levels that exceeds normal. Whereas for prediabetes is a condition where the results of the examination of sugar levels that do not meet the normal criteria or diabetes criteria but have not been categorized as diabetes.

A person can be said to be in prediabetes if they have fasting blood sugar levels of 100-125mg / dl and plasma blood sugar levels 2 hours after an oral glucose tolerance test of 140-199mg / dl.

Prediabetes can generally return to normal, if you live a healthy lifestyle. Like enough exercise, avoid sweet foods and drinks. Enough exercise can help insulin receptors (one of the hormones that function to put sugar into cells) in the body to become more active, so that sugar in the blood is quickly responded by insulin to enter cells in the body. Generally diabetes occurs in people who rarely exercise and often eat and drink sweet and consumption of junk food. People who rarely exercise cause insulin receptors to become less active, which over time causes blood sugar to accumulate and eventually causes diabetes.

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