Illustration of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Pregnancy?

I want to ask, because why are you still 5 weeks pregnant, how come you have already released breast milk?

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Hi Nadya,

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Breast milk (breast milk) is produced from the glandular cells in the breast long before delivery. According to some literature, this milk production takes place from about 14 weeks of gestation. At this age, the glandular cells in the breast begin to multiply and increase in size so that they are ready to produce milk. However, normally breast milk will not come out until a later pregnancy, namely in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, because the pregnancy hormone suppresses the hormone that regulates the ejection of breast milk (oxytocin).

Need to clarify, is it true that you are only 5 weeks pregnant? Or maybe, you mean 5 months?

If you mean 5 months, then the chances of milk leaking from your breasts are normal. Breast milk can come out due to stimulation of the breast, for example during sexual intercourse, rubbing against tight clothes or bras, doing breast self-examination (BSE), cleaning the breasts, and so on. As long as the discharge of breast milk is not accompanied by other complaints, such as a very tight stomach or blood spots from the birth canal, there is nothing you need to worry about.

However, if what you mean is true 5 weeks, then it needs to be re-evaluated, is it true that what comes out of your breast is milk? It may be that the milk comes out very early as you experience due to excessive breast stimulation or side effects of drugs (for example, anti-nausea and vomiting drugs). However, in some cases, sweat, deposited dead skin cells, or even pus can also cause a milk-like appearance in the breast. If only sweat or dead skin cells cause a mass that resembles milk in your breasts, then of course this condition is not dangerous. However, if the discharge is pus, then this condition needs to be checked directly by a doctor or obstetrician. It is feared that this pus occurs in connection with an infection or malignancy (cancer) around the breast.

In the meantime, you should clean the milk that comes out of your breasts properly, for example using a clean towel or tissue. Also, take better care of your personal hygiene (especially your breasts), namely by taking regular baths, using the right soap, and wearing clean and not tight clothes and bras. Avoid excessive stimulation of the breasts during pregnancy. And, also avoid taking drugs carelessly during pregnancy, unless it's been prescribed directly by a doctor.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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