Illustration of Pregnancy
Illustration: Pregnancy

Hello doc. I am confused about my womb. Right now, I hmil hmil not know yet, but the symptoms of pregnancy starting this week. I was late for my period 1 month. I am the end of the month ,. which was before the beginning of the month. Because I don’t usually have menstruation. I have a history of prematurity. The first child is born 6 months, the second child walks 6 months born. The hospital doctor in my city said, If you are pregnant again, your baby will fall again / you will be premature again. My plan is to abort my fetus in the puskesmas. But is it safe if I have an abortion? For my upcoming history? According to my doctor k midwife puskesmas / obstetrician in my city y?

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Hello Wulan,

Thank you for the question.

Some things need to be understood:

First, late menstruation can not only be caused by pregnancy, but can also be due to wine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, empty pregnancy, stress, fatigue, hormonal disorders, drug effects, obesity, weight changes dramatically, extreme diets, cysts, thyroid gland disorders , etc. Although there are subjective symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, mood swing, frequent urination, constipation, breast pain, and so on, you cannot be ascertained if you are pregnant or not if you have not done a direct examination by a doctor.

Second, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, attempting an abortion is not ethical. Both the perpetrators, as well as medical personnel who facilitate these actions, could be threatened with criminal penalties that are not light. By abortion, you also risk bleeding and even death. Therefore, you should think more thoroughly about this.

Third, it is true, mothers with a history of more than 1 preterm birth will be more at risk of returning to deliver their babies prematurely. However, this is certainly not a necessity. There are also many mothers who can give birth to babies normally, even though they previously delivered premature babies.

Fourth, even a premature baby is not a disgrace. If properly cared for, a baby born prematurely is not impossible to continue to grow perfectly, like other babies born at term.

Our advice, don't be rash about taking a stand yet. Better, you first make sure your condition to the doctor or obstetrician. Through direct examination, or assisted with a urine test, blood test, also an ultrasound, of course the doctor has suggested the best treatment for your condition.

Hope this helps ...

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