Pregnancy And Vertigo

Illustration of Pregnancy And Vertigo
Illustration: Pregnancy And Vertigo

Good morning, doc, I want to ask. I just tested the test positive. This week I was hit by vertigo, I could take vertigosan and frego medicine 3-4 times like that, but every day I drank it. I didn’t know that I was positive. According to the doctor it is safe for my fetus. Thanks

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Good morning. Thank you for asking

The content of vertigosan drugs is betahistine which is usually used in people who have vertigo. This has the right form of antihistamines.

Itchy rash
Swelling of the lips face
Nausea and vomiting

While frego contains flunarizine which also plays a role in suppressing the condition of headache in which this is a drug that is also not yet known related to the classes of use in pregnant women. So the best treatment is to consult with a doctor

With pregnancy you experience some things you should do like

Avoid using drugs freely
Control pregnancy once a month
Expand nutritious food
Avoid strenuous activities
Avoid the meaning of too high in salt
The activity should not be sudden or the movement is not too massive

Thus information may be useful

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