Pregnancy Over 35 Years?

Illustration of Pregnancy Over 35 Years?
Illustration: Pregnancy Over 35 Years?

, I want to ask what should I do with this 40-year-old pregnancy, what does the examination mean?

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Pregnancy at the age of over 35 years is classified as a high-risk pregnancy. Risks that may occur and need to be closely monitored by doctors include:

High blood pressure, can cause complications in the form of preeclampsia and eclampsia
Diabetes in pregnancy
Congenital abnormalities, such as Down syndrome
Low birth weight babies
Pregnancy outside the uterus, especially if the pregnancy occurs with the help of IVF technology (IVF)

Nevertheless, the risks that may occur can be reduced by taking appropriate measures. The following are things that are recommended for women who are pregnant at the age of over 35 years:

Make an antenatal visit to a doctor or obstetrician and gynecologist to check the condition of your pregnancy, at least 4 times during pregnancy, one of which is accompanied by your husband or family member. The four recommended minimum antenatal visits are: 1x in the first trimester (before the 16th week), 1x in the second trimester (between 24-28 weeks), and 2x in the third trimester (between 30-32 weeks and the third 36-38)
Perform laboratory tests on initial visits to the doctor, including complete peripheral blood tests, ABO and rhesus blood groups, HIV testing, blood tests for malaria (if you have lived in or traveled to malaria endemic areas in the last 2 weeks), as well as other tests as indicated which was discovered by a doctor
Perform an ultrasound examination (USG), recommended early in pregnancy (ideally before 15 weeks' gestation; useful for determining gestational age, fetal survival, location and number of fetuses, and detection of severe fetal abnormalities), around 20 weeks gestational age (useful for detection of fetal abnormalities); and in the 3rd trimester (useful for planning for labor)
Consumption of balanced nutritious food regularly, use supplements as recommended by your doctor, including folic acid and iron
Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking
Avoid using drugs without first consulting your treating doctor about their needs and safety

To enrich your horizons, you can watch a video about the signs of danger in pregnancy that need to be aware of. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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