Pregnancy Program For Women Who Don’t Like Vegetables And Fruits?

Illustration of Pregnancy Program For Women Who Don’t Like Vegetables And Fruits?
Illustration: Pregnancy Program For Women Who Don’t Like Vegetables And Fruits?

Halodoc Sorry I want to ask the program.

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Hello Beautiful,

The following is the recommended preparation (not absolute) for a woman who is preparing for pregnancy, namely:

Go to a midwife or obstetrician
Detect the presence or absence of abnormalities related to the reproductive organs
Blood tests related to infections that can interfere with the process of pregnancy
General health checks including weight before pregnancy, oral health
Examination related to chronic diseases suffered by pregnant women
Get vaccinated if needed
Supplementation: folic acid (400 mcg / day), other vitamins according to the dose

Stop smoking, consume alcohol, and limit caffeine consumption
Eat foods with balanced nutrition
Reducing sweet snacks
Consumption of foods high in protein
The consumption of fruits, vegetables, wheat, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) varies
Be picky when consuming fish, especially types of fish that are proven to contain higher mercury

Exercise 30 minutes / day at least 5 times / week
Get enough rest, manage stress well

Consumption of foods that vary with balanced nutrition is primary, but supplementation of additional vitamins and minerals for women who want to get pregnant and pregnant women is still needed. Many vegetables that need to be consumed per day are equivalent to 2.5 cups and fruit is equivalent to 2 cups. If you don't like vegetables and fruit, the strategies you can take are the following ways:

Chopped vegetables or made fine then mixed with other food or processed with meat
Process the fruit into a form of juice that you can mix with milk or ice cream
Cut the fruit into smaller sizes which you can then dip into chocolate or yogurt or cream when eating it
Drinking formula milk specifically for pregnant program mothers
Fiber needs from fruits and vegetables can be obtained from other food ingredients such as brown rice, wheat, pasta.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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