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at morning doctor..rnI’ve been married for 6 months and my period is almost 1 week laternYesterday the test pack resulted in 1 line, then I left it and I just saw it again 6 hours later due to an activity and the result was 2 lines but one samarrnThe next day my husband and I went to the midwife, the result was 1 line at first until the midwife tested using 2 test packs and the results were negativernBut when we got home, we checked again, the test pack results changed torn2 lines with 1 faint linernSince this is the first time, so I’m still confused about how to use the test packrnIs there a possibility that I am pregnant or can the test pack result turn positive after passing the time limit specified in checking the test pack results?

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Hi Astri,

Testpack is a pregnancy test kit in the form of a stick that can detect the pregnancy hormone (hCG/human chorionic gonadotropin) contained in the urine. There are testpacks with various brands and several levels of sensitivity, but generally the testpacks on the market have a high enough accuracy to above 90% when used properly.

To use the testpack you first need to read the directions for use listed on the packaging. Make sure that you follow each step of using the testpack correctly. Each testpack lists the exact time to read the testpack results that appear, where generally the time it takes is between 2-5 minutes. Read the results that appear at the specified time. If it exceeds this time, the testpack results may indeed change as you experienced. However, the accuracy of the results that arise after passing the specified time cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, if the time for reading the results has passed, you should not use the testpack again, and you can retest with a new testpack tool.

If you have previously done a test pack with negative results, then you can repeat the test 1 week later to confirm the results. However, if the testpack examination several times at different intervals the results are always negative, then it is possible that pregnancy did not occur.

In addition to pregnancy, the delay in menstruation as you experience can also occur due to other factors such as:

Unbalanced hormonal factors Stress or being too tired Poor diet Excessive exercise Excessive weight gain or loss Obesity Thyroid hormone disorders Polycystic ovary syndrome
If there is any doubt about the condition you are experiencing, or if the complaints persist, then it is better for you to see a gynecologist for further examination. If necessary, the doctor can recommend supporting tests such as ultrasound or blood tests to further explore the cause, so that the appropriate treatment can be given to you according to the underlying condition.

Here are suggestions for you:

Get enough rest and reduce strenuous activities Minimize stress Try not to get too tired Consume nutritious food Maintain ideal body weight
Related information can be read on the following pages:

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So hopefully useful.

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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