Illustration of Pregnant?
Illustration: Pregnant?

evening, I want to ask .. now I am 1 month pregnant but I am still breastfeeding because my child is still 1.5 years old, won’t there be any effect on my womb or what?

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Hello Nina,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Breastfeeding is a fun activity because it can increase the closeness of mother and child. Generally breastfeeding is done until the age of 2 years or some people still breastfeed until the child does not want to breastfeed anymore.

Something different happens when a nursing mother becomes pregnant again before weaning an older child. Some of the changes that occur during pregnancy again include a slightly reduced volume of milk, slightly sore nipples, more nausea, and changes in the taste of breast milk (usually starting at 5 months of pregnancy). Often a change in the taste of breast milk will make the child stop breastfeeding on his own.

Breastfeeding while pregnant is medically acceptable as long as there is no history or special condition. If an older child has no developmental problems and is already adept at eating regular foods and there are no problems with formula milk, some doctors may recommend early weaning, others allow continuing breastfeeding.

If it is decided to continue breastfeeding while pregnant, you should pay attention to the following things:

Fulfill your nutritional and calorie needs, breastfeeding requires extra energy which may make pregnant women tired more easily. Get plenty of rest. Drink plenty of water. Try to breastfeed when you are not nauseous. Take pregnancy supplements as recommended by your doctor. Breastfeed in a position that you and your child think is most comfortable. breastfeeding can trigger the production of the hormone oxytocin which also affects the uterine muscle contractions. If you have a history or special conditions such as a history of miscarriage, preterm labor, being pregnant with twins, or experiencing spots and bleeding, you should consult your obstetrician and pediatrician about breastfeeding during pregnancy so that your doctor can consider the benefits and risks of breastfeeding in pregnancy. to you yes.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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