Pregnant After Having Sex Using A Condom?

Illustration of Pregnant After Having Sex Using A Condom?
Illustration: Pregnant After Having Sex Using A Condom?

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Hello Ariiezkha, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Respond to the questions you ask, regarding pregnancy that occurred to you. Pregnancy must be preceded by the meeting of sperm cells with eggs and zygotes. So it is not possible for pregnancy if no sperm enters the uterus.

Some possibilities for you to remain pregnant even though using a condom during sexual intercourse can occur due to several things below:

Condoms are damaged / leaking, before having sex it is good to check the condom expiration date, or slowly open the condom to the condom.
Using a double-layered or double-shaped condom, instead of increasing the safety, the effect is actually an increase in pregnancy, due to a mistake in using condoms. This might be due to excessive friction between the condoms and cause leakage.
Take out the condom too fast.
Using a condom is not from the beginning of the penetration of the penis into the vagina, some couples feel uncomfortable when having sex with a condom, so to prevent pregnancy the use of condoms is only done when sperm wants to come out, it is very risky because there are sperm cells that come out without being felt by men when having sex.
Using condoms that have already been used increases the risk of leakage.
Inappropriate condom size causes sperm to come out of the condom.

For you, I suggest that right now you go to a gynecologist, because the most accurate positive examination of pregnancy is to look for heart rate and fetal movements in the uterus. While the test pack method is a sign of uncertainty, because the test pack uses an increase in bHCG as a benchmark, while it can be increased in several other conditions.

If it turns out you are indeed pregnant, you must accept it gracefully because pregnancy is a gift from the power of attorney. Humans can only plan and God grants everything.

That's all my answer, thanks a lot :)

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