Pregnant And Positive Igg Torch?

Illustration of Pregnant And Positive Igg Torch?
Illustration: Pregnant And Positive Igg Torch?

Good morning, I am now 20 weeks pregnant, at 15 weeks I have bleeding either because of fatigue or other factors. Then I checked with the obstetrician and suggested a torch test, after the lab results came out I found positive igg toxo 27.1 avidity high avidity 89.1. Then the rubella igg was positive 38.3. Then cmv igg is positive 427.6 avidity is high avidity. For igm everything is negative. I asked if it had an effect on my fetus, remembering I saw my igg was all positive and had high avidity? I am currently taking medication given the drug spiramicyn 500 mg, isprinol 500 mg, acyclovir 200 mg, ossopan 800 mg, duphaslou, folamil genio. Can the drugs I take be bad for the fetus?

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Some of the additional new questions you have asked:

1. The high avidity value on the TORCH serology shows that:

a. your body has been infected with TORCH and now the ability of your body in the immune system to risk TORCH infection is quite high. So it is hoped that it can help prevent the risk of TORCH infection in the future.

b. knowing the risk of acute infection and evaluation of the treatment that has been done

Therefore, the high avidity value is good for your immune system

2.treatment given by your gynecologist is generally safe to do, as long as it is under the supervision and instructions of your gynecologist. From the results of the pregnancy checks that have been carried out and from your clinical condition, your doctor can plan the necessary treatment for you. Therefore, you can continue the treatment that has been given.

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