Pregnant And Tramadol?

Illustration of Pregnant And Tramadol?
Illustration: Pregnant And Tramadol?

Good evening doctor .. I am pregnant 38 \ 52 3 days. During pregnancy every night my legs hurt so badly. I consume Bokehka Tramadol

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Hi Fauziah,

Thank you for asking

When you are pregnant, putting too much pressure on the veins that carry blood from the lower leg to the heart can cause a lot of blood to accumulate in the lower leg. Not only can it trigger swelling, this condition can also cause pain due to oxygen supply to the obstructed tissue. This pain will usually begin to appear after a large enough pregnancy, namely when entering the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. In most cases, the pain that appears is only mild and gets better with rest and warm compresses.

The question now is, have you tried to rest your feet and compress them using warm water? If so, has the pain subsided?

If the pain still feels severe enough after natural treatment as mentioned above, you can check with your doctor or gynecologist directly. Some other conditions that can also trigger this pain are:

Foot injury Vitamin B12 deficiency Arthritis (inflammation of the joints), for example due to rheumatism, gout Peripheral artery disease Deep vein thrombosis Peripheral neuropathy Viral or bacterial infections, etc. Taking any medications during pregnancy (especially those that are not considered over-the-counter drugs, such as tramadol) should not You do it carelessly without being preceded by a previous doctor's examination. Tramadol itself is included in the opiate pain medication class whose safety status for use in pregnant women is in category C, meaning that there are negative side effects in the fetus based on studies conducted on animals, but there is no further research that proves its impact on humans. . Therefore, this drug should not be used unless it is felt that the benefits far exceed the potential side effects that may be caused. Instead of taking tramadol, it will be much safer if you first take paracetamol to reduce pain in your legs. Avoid massaging or massaging the sore leg excessively. Rest the sore leg first from the activity that is too heavy.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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