Pregnant Exercise To Improve Breech Fetal Position While Being Spots?

Illustration of Pregnant Exercise To Improve Breech Fetal Position While Being Spots?
Illustration: Pregnant Exercise To Improve Breech Fetal Position While Being Spots?

Met MLM doctor, my UK is currently 24w, the position of the baby’s breech is the back of the baby under the baby’s head before the left and feet to the right … the spog doctor has advised me to breech gymnastics, but after the doctor I experienced the spots for almost a week again every day spots with little volume but every day there are spots. Mmg since 15w I have been diagnosed with a low lt placenta and is located right up to UK 23w the placenta has not been pulled up and the breech pss. Well, my question is whether I can breech gymnastics at home when it still spots like this?

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Hi Lisa,

The expected position during a normal delivery is the position of the head under / head presentation. Breech position if the head is above and the buttocks or feet below. Sebanarnya as long as the fetus has not entered the pelvis and there is still plenty of room for the fetus, the fetal position can still change. The position of the fetus will settle when it enters the pelvis or the space for movement is increasingly limited as the fetus gets older.

To help restore the position of the fetus to become a head presentation, one way that can be done is to do pregnancy exercises. Some pregnancy exercises for breech babies include:

Kneel on the mat and point the buttocks up, then the head, shoulders, and chest stick to the mat near the knees, or like the prostration position
Lie on your back with your pelvis slightly propped up and knees bent
Lie with your knees bent and lift and lower your stomach slowly
Squat with your legs spread wider than your shoulders

Although pregnancy exercises are allowed, but in some conditions pregnancy exercises should be postponed first. After the spots you have control again to the obstetrician? If you experience spots / bleeding, you should discuss again with your obstetrician about pregnancy exercises or other sports. Pregnant women who experience more are advised to rest first and if necessary until bed rest.

Therefore if you have not been in control since the spots, I strongly recommend that you first control with an obstetrician so that further examination can be done to ensure the condition of your fetus and you can immediately get treatment for the spots as well as discussing about pregnancy exercises and daily activities that are allowed when it spots.

While waiting to see a doctor, you can do the following tips:

Get enough rest and bed rest if necessary
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Meet fluid needs
Record the amount of bleeding
Avoid heavy activity
Avoid lifting heavy objects
Manage stress well
Continue taking pregnancy supplements from the obstetrician

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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