Pregnant Mother But Discharge?

Illustration of Pregnant Mother But Discharge?
Illustration: Pregnant Mother But Discharge?

. I am now 2 months pregnant. Since pregnancy from the age of 1 month there is always a discharge from the genitals. Initially it was thought Gaid. But when I saw no menstruation. Liquidx isn’t thick either. Somewhat runny. NSometimes the urine comes out. When peeing. I’m starting to worry. n This fluid doesn’t itch my feminine area. This is a pregnancy that is k4 times. And this is the first time experiencing something like this.

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Fluid (other than blood) that comes out of the birth canal during pregnancy can come from the following reasons:

Permeable amniotic fluid (amnion)
This condition is more prone to occur in women who have experienced premature rupture of membranes in a previous pregnancy. Inflammation of the amniotic membrane, smoking, consuming illegal drugs, inadequate nutritional intake, and a short cervix (cervix) size are thought to trigger this condition. The leaky amniotic fluid is usually clear to yellowish in color, has a liquid consistency, comes out continuously without being unbearable, and smells a little fishy. If not treated properly, this condition can lead to infection in the mother or fetus, detachment of the placenta (placenta) from its attachment, umbilical cord disorders, to increase the risk of miscarriage and preterm labor. Excess vaginal discharge
Hormonal changes during pregnancy can increase the activity of glandular cells around the walls of the vagina and cervix, which can lead to more vaginal discharge. In addition, vaginal discharge can also come out more because it is aggravated by irritation, infection, fistulas, and malignancy around the sex organs. Whitish can be clear, white, yellowish, or even greenish. In contrast to amniotic fluid, vaginal discharge is thicker, slimy in consistency, can cause itching, until the smell is quite pungent. Urine
The increased stretch around the vagina in some women can make it difficult to control urination, as a result of which urine often leaks out even when not urinating. Women who have had several previous vaginal deliveries are more at risk of developing this condition. In addition, infection of the urinary tract, pelvic injury, aging, or having other diseases can also aggravate this condition. Usually, the urine will be yellowish in color, with a liquid consistency, and have a characteristic pungent aroma. Given this condition you experience very often in your current pregnancy, we urge you to have your condition checked directly to a gynecologist. Further tests are needed, including examination of vaginal mucus smear, urine examination, ultrasound, or some other supporting tests. to identify exactly what fluid is coming out of your birth canal, so that appropriate treatment can be done according to the cause.

Currently, you can do the following tips:

Clean your genitals well after every bowel movement or urination. Wear cotton, soft, and loose underwear. Change your underwear at least 2 times a day. Do not have risky sex. Drink more. Limit activities that are too tiring. Control your pregnancy regularly to an obstetrician. Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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