Pregnant Wife?

Illustration of Pregnant Wife?
Illustration: Pregnant Wife?

Sorry … If I may ask, if the wife is pregnant, is there no side effect for the womb, if having sex …?

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Hello Wira

Thank you for your question.

Basically when the condition is pregnant, is not a barrier to having sex. If you control routinely and believe that the content is healthy, then you can have sex with a partner. It's just that, need to consider the intensity and how to do it. Because the condition of the baby in the womb can get disturbed

A pregnant woman can have intercourse with her partner when the gestational age steps on the second trimester. For the first trimester some research said to avoid intercourse first dikarekan, pregnant women are undergoing changes in body condition and usually at the age of pregnancy the first trimester is still very risky to experience miscarriage. In the third trimester also hope to reduce intercourse, because sperm contains prostaglandins which can stimulate faster contractions in pregnancy.

There are several things to consider when doing intimate relationships including:

 avoid having sex when the mother had experienced bleeding as twins, avoid having sex avoid having sex when ever giving birth prematurely. cramps that do not stop when having intimate bleeding a lot. If you experience these symptoms, immediately check the condition of your pregnancy to the obstetrician so that you can do a physical examination to see the baby's condition.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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