Pregnant Women Consume Toothache Medicine?

Illustration of Pregnant Women Consume Toothache Medicine?
Illustration: Pregnant Women Consume Toothache Medicine?

Morning dr … I’m a pregnant woman 9 weeks from now, but right now I’m having a toothache because my upper left tooth has a hole so I have gone to the dentist for paracetamol but the pain doesn’t want to disappear because of the pain until it hurts to my mlm head to ugd hospital and I was given mefenamic acid, dexamethasone, and b.complex is it okay i drink it dr? And may I with the content of 9 weeks want to pull out my sick teeth so as not to consume drugs anymore because I’m afraid my baby will be wrong?

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Cavities occur due to erosion of enamel and other dental components due to poor hygiene. This hole in the tooth, if it is deep enough, can cause the nerves to be exposed and there will be extreme pain, especially if the teeth are under pressure or in contact with excessive heat and cold. Not only pain, cavities can also facilitate infection, including infections in the teeth, and other organs in the vicinity.

Overcoming cavities is definitively done by patching or pulling cavities. However, in pregnant women, especially those whose gestational age is still easy (trimester 1), this procedure is generally not recommended and will be delayed, given the risk of complications that can cause uterine contractions quite severe and can lead to miscarriage.

To overcome the pain in the teeth due to cavities, if it is not possible to do a patch or tooth extraction, your doctor can first give you several types of drugs, including pain medications, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics (if suspected bacterial infection). The selection of these drugs must have been adjusted to your needs, and safety for the fetus in the womb. A good doctor will only prescribe medication to his patients if the perceived benefits far exceed the potential danger. Because we do not examine your condition directly, we are not authorized to judge whether the treatment your doctor has provided is appropriate or not.

Our advice, if you are in doubt, seek a second opinion by going back to another dentist or consulting the medicines you get to the obstetrician directly.

To help you relieve your dental pain during pregnancy, it is better to do the following trick:

Be more diligent in brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and also between your teeth
Gargle with salt solution after brushing your teeth
Limit eating foods and drinks that are too cold or too hot first
Do not also chew food that is too hard or sticky on the side of the tooth that hurts
Compress the outer side of a painful tooth with warm water to reduce the pain
Get plenty of rest and don't stress

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