Pregnant Women Consume Turtle Eggs?

Illustration of Pregnant Women Consume Turtle Eggs?
Illustration: Pregnant Women Consume Turtle Eggs?

Good afternoon doctor, I’m 39 weeks pregnant, can I consume turtle eggs while pregnant this trimester 3. Thanks

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at In terms of health, the environment, ecosystems, and the law, eating turtle eggs is strictly prohibited, both for children, adults, men, and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding or not.

The explanation is thus. In terms of health, the information available about turtle eggs that these eggs have high nutrition, increase vitality and various other benefits, all of which are not true and have been proven through research. In terms of cholesterol, the cholesterol content in a turtle egg has the same content or even more than 20 chicken eggs. Yet we know for ourselves that high cholesterol content can be a cause of various diseases such as heart disease and stroke. This high cholesterol level in men can actually make them experience impotence or erection problems. Other nutritional content such as protein is no more than an ordinary chicken egg.

In pregnant women, turtle eggs store different potential health problems again. In recent decades, the sea has become highly polluted, either by liquid waste or plastic waste. This causes turtle eggs to have high mercury content. This makes turtle eggs very dangerous for pregnant women to consume in any trimester, because mercury is the main enemy of the development of the baby's nervous system and brain. Even though the child will eventually be born healthy, his ability to walk, talk, remember and pay attention can be very disturbed.

In terms of ecosystems and the environment, turtles are animals whose breeding abilities are quite symbolic. It will only lay eggs when they reach the age of 30 years and will only lay eggs again every 2-8 years depending on the type of turtle. Once laying eggs, it will only lay eggs between 60-130 items. This number is quite small because not all can become adult turtles. With the increasingly polluted beaches and seas, and the lack of support for ecosystems caused by human activity, it is said from 1000 eggs, only 1 can eventually become an adult turtle. This will make turtles even more scarce, and their impact can disrupt the food chain and other marine life.

This is what makes the next aspect, namely the legal aspect, play a role. The Indonesian government fully protects all types of sea turtles in Indonesia. So that every person who saves, owns, trades and moreover smuggles eggs from animals which in this case is sea turtles, could face a sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of up to Rp 100 million.

Then the conclusion once again, do not consume turtle eggs regardless of whatever motivation you do. Because there are a myriad of other nutrients that you can consume that are healthier safer, show more of your concern for the environment, and do not break the law. So, hopefully answering your question.

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