Premarital TT Injection?

Illustration of Premarital TT Injection?
Illustration: Premarital TT Injection?

Hello. I want to ask, can I give TT injection during a cold?

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Hello Dian,

Thank you for the question.

TT (tetanus toxoid) injections need to be given to increase your immunity against the bacterial infection of Clostridium tetani, which is a cause of tetanus. As is known, tetanus can be very deadly if it is detected and handled too late. Women, especially after giving birth, are one of the groups who are at risk of developing tetanus, for example if the maternal scar is not well maintained. Not only that, your baby will also be affected by this disease, for example if the wound on the umbilical cord is not treated properly.

TT injection is recommended for women of childbearing age, including those who are going to get married. In this way, during pregnancy and childbirth later, is expected to have formed an optimal immunity in yourself and your baby. Provided that you do not have an allergy to the vaccine component, there is no prohibition on TT injections while having a cold. However, if these colds make you fever and are not feeling well, it will be far safer if you postpone the TT injection until you are physically fit. Consult your doctor or obstetrician in this regard.

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