Premature Babies 1 Month Old Are Given Formula Milk.?


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Having a history of premature birth and getting milk for LBW, in general this is in accordance with your baby's needs, especially if your baby has not had diarrhea since drinking LBW milk from the beginning. However, it would be better if your baby immediately gets milk from birth until your baby's age is 6 months or more. With the milk that you provide, meeting your baby's nutritional needs will be better during growth and development.
In connection with your baby's bowel complaints which are more runny than before and may be accompanied by more frequent bowel movements, this condition is probably not caused by consumption of milk powder that has been drunk so far, because so far your baby has been drinking the same milk, so in general, milk consumed is not problematic, although there is still a small possibility of the risk of milk allergy or milk intolerance, but this condition rarely occurs due to a history of the same milk extract that was consumed before.
The risk of digestive infections due to viral or bacterial infections can cause your baby's BAB complaints to be thinner. So it is necessary to conduct an evaluation directly to the pediatrician regarding your baby's condition, especially if the risk of dehydration complaints starts to emerge, such as urinary frequency and urinary volume decreases, infant skin elasticity is reduced, cowey eyes, dry mouth mucosa, or fussy children.
By consulting directly with your pediatrician or to the nearest emergency room, the doctor can ascertain the health condition of your child, and ascertain possible causes of a thinner bowel movement, so that the doctor can provide the necessary care and treatment.
For now, if possible, you should be able to try to provide breastfeeding to prevent dehydration, if it is not possible to give breast milk, you can give BBLR milk formula that is usually given and ORS to prevent dehydration in your baby. Furthermore, immediately to the nearest ER.
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