Premature Rupture Of Membranes At 34 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Premature Rupture Of Membranes At 34 Weeks Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Premature Rupture Of Membranes At 34 Weeks Of Pregnancy? Bing

afternoon. I am fitri 19 years old. now 34 weeks 6 days pregnant .. since 3 o’clock in the morning I was sleeping suddenly I felt a little slimy fluid accompanied by vaginal discharge that came out of the vaginal opening. I’ve taken it to a specialist doctor, it’s true that my amniotic fluid comes out quite a lot. the doctor’s advice I ordered 2x induction injections and then the pacemaker. because there is a disturbance in the head of my fetus (the size of the BPD does not match my gestational age / smaller) so the doctor’s advice is to ask for a total rest for 2 weeks while making BPJS for the child in my womb.. I am worried whether my fetus can survive for 2 weeks weeks while the amniotic fluid has decreased. what do I have to do. explanation please…

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Hi Fitri,

Thank you for asking

The amniotic sac has a vital function for the fetus in the womb, including protecting the fetus from impact, preventing infection, controlling the temperature in the uterus, supplying nutrients to the fetus, supporting the development of the lungs and digestive system of the fetus, supporting the development of muscles, bones, and also the fingers. fingers.

Normally, the membranes will rupture when approaching labor, ie after the gestational age reaches 36 weeks or more. The rupture of the membranes before that is called premature rupture of the membranes (to). There are many factors that trigger it, including uterine or vaginal infection, mechanical trauma, excessive stretching of the amniotic fluid (eg due to twins or polyhydramnios), smoking, undergoing surgery around the uterus, hypertension in pregnancy, and so on.

If you experience this, then the steps you took earlier were the right ones, namely to consult an obstetrician. Doctors will generally evaluate the health condition of you and the fetus in your womb through ultrasound to determine the best treatment.

Handling can be done in a conservative way, namely by maintaining the pregnancy until the fetus is ready to be born into the world, or it could be by induction of labor. The best treatment is determined based on many factors, including the remaining amniotic volume, the health of the mother, fetus, and so on.

If the examination still finds a large volume of amniotic fluid and the condition of your fetus is good (no signs of fetal distress or growth restriction in the uterus), then the doctor will generally prioritize conservative therapy. The goal is to wait for your baby to arrive at a condition that is really ready to be born, that is, the lungs are mature and the weight and gestational age is sufficient. Indeed, leaving the fetus in the womb with less amniotic fluid volume can be quite worrying. However, giving birth to a baby at the age of less than 36 weeks (premature) is not without risks. Babies born prematurely are more at risk for respiratory problems, infections, and various other health complications. So, the doctor's advice must have been made based on careful consideration of the benefits and risks that may occur. However, if you are in doubt, you can seek a second opinion from another obstetrician.

In the meantime, obey your doctor's advice, which is to take a complete break from excessive physical activity. Drink more and eat healthy and nutritious food. Avoid sexual intercourse before you enter 36 weeks of pregnancy. Calm your mind, no need to worry or worry too much. Pray a lot and leave the best to God Almighty.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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