Preparation Before Pregnancy Checkup?

Illustration of Preparation Before Pregnancy Checkup?
Illustration: Preparation Before Pregnancy Checkup?

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Pregnancy examination includes medical interview (history), physical examination and supporting examinations such as ultrasound examination. In a medical interview, you can convey complaints experienced during pregnancy, for example nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite or weight if any, as well as other complaints according to what you feel. Furthermore, a physical examination will be carried out according to the complaints you feel.

A supporting examination in pregnancy that is often used by obstetricians is an ultrasound examination. The benefits of this examination include:

1. Confirm pregnancy and fetal location

2. Determine the gestational age

3. Detect the number of fetuses in the womb

4. Evaluate fetal growth during pregnancy by monitoring fetal movement and fetal heart rate

5. Evaluate the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid

6. Identification of fetal abnormalities

At 13 weeks of gestation, the internal organs of the fetus have been formed, the fetus's body is also more complete, namely already having arms, hands, legs, feet, ears and fingers that have also begun to form.

The mother can ask about the condition of the fetus, its growth and development according to gestational age, the condition of the amniotic fluid, the estimated fetal weight, the estimated day of delivery which can be obtained from an ultrasound examination.

For additional information, you can read articles about fetal development and ultrasound examinations.

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