Preventing Ectopic Pregnancy Interrupted By A Sterile Binding Method?

Illustration of Preventing Ectopic Pregnancy Interrupted By A Sterile Binding Method?
Illustration: Preventing Ectopic Pregnancy Interrupted By A Sterile Binding Method?

Good afternoon. I am 33 years old, 22 days ago I had an open Ket operation, because the Ket had broken inside. But there is no removal of my fallopian tubes. thank god in good condition. In the operation yesterday I decided to be sterile, so that I don’t have to get pregnant again, is that the right decision to prevent Ket? Can Ket attack me again, in the same place? Or somewhere else? What should I do so that the disease does not come back to me? thanks.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at KET or Disturbed Ectopic Pregnancy is a condition in which there is fetal development, but the occurrence is not in the womb. This condition can occur in the abdominal cavity, in the channel between the ovary and uterus (fallopian tube) and anywhere as long as it is not in the uterus.

The problem with this condition is that no other body part is designed as well as the uterus to expand and adjust to fetal development. So that in its time, with the developing fetus, that part will reach its maximum stretch and cause rupture. If it has ruptured, this condition can be very dangerous and fatal.

Many things can trigger this condition, such as contraceptives in the form of an IUD, have experienced similar events, have inflammation or infection in the female organs, have experienced sexually transmitted diseases, and experienced fertility problems.

Regarding your question, unfortunately the tubal binding process is one of the factors that can trigger this condition. In percentage terms, around 2% of women at the age of 28-33 years can still get pregnant after the tubing is tied and 1% at age more than equal to 34 years. The possibility of experiencing KET increases, especially if the binding is not perfect, causing sperm cells to enter, but not get out, and it actually imprisons the fertilized egg cell in the tube to later develop into KET again.

So the way to really prevent it is by taking both your ovaries so that you are no longer able to remove the egg, which is not possible pregnancy. But this way the risk is high in the sense, you will experience early menopause, a condition that generally begins to experience women when they are around 50-55 years, you have experienced from before.

Another way to prevent it is to use a condom when having intercourse, use other contraceptives to further minimize the possibility, or keep having sex as usual, but really pay more attention when you start to show signs of pregnancy such as late menstruation. Perform a pregnancy test a week after you have menstruated and immediately consult a gynecologist.

What is clear, for now you do not need to worry too much. If necessary, discuss it with your obstetrician regarding the information you have from us, to determine the best future steps for you. So, hopefully answering your question.

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