Preventing The Transmission Of Cold Coughs To Babies?

Illustration of Preventing The Transmission Of Cold Coughs To Babies?
Illustration: Preventing The Transmission Of Cold Coughs To Babies?

Morning, I want to ask me again coughing, runny nose, so that it won’t be affected by the baby, I have to ask the child, but I don’t have the baby because of the new baby.

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Because the immune system is still weak, the baby can be more easily infected with the disease, especially from adults who come in close contact with him. Of course, this transmission can only occur if the condition you are experiencing is caused by a contagious infection. If not, no matter how close your contact with your baby, transmission will not occur.

Therefore, it needs to be clarified first, besides coughing and runny nose, are there any other complaints that you experience? After going to the doctor, what is the doctor's conclusion regarding your condition? What treatments did the doctor give you?

Coughs and colds can occur due to allergies, irritations, to viral or bacterial infections in the respiratory tract. Exposure to ambient temperatures that are too extreme, the entry of foreign objects into the airways, to infections in other organ systems can also lead to early clinical symptoms of cough and pilak. Because of these various causes, the handling of coughs and colds can be different. Coughs and colds that are at risk of being transmitted are if the cause is related to an infection, it could be due to a virus or bacteria. Coughs and colds that occur due to infection will often also be accompanied by fever, muscle and joint pain, and excessive discharge from the airways (for example in the form of clear mucus, vaginal discharge, yellowish, or even greenish).

If you have seen a doctor and given treatment, you should undergo treatment as advised by your doctor. To minimize the risk of transmission to your baby, also do the following trick:

Feed your baby breast milk so that the body's immune system remains excellent (unless the doctor forbids it)
Also milk your milk so that it can be given to the baby when you are resting by other people, so that you can rest enough so that it heals faster
So that you cough and runny nose get well soon, in addition to increasing rest, take medication as well as doctor's advice, do not contact with excessive cold or dust, do not also eat cold food, greasy, and artificial sweetness, stay away from cigarettes and smoke, avoid using air conditioning or fans wind, and use an air humidifier if possible
Make sure you always wash your hands with antiseptic soap and clean your breasts with a washcloth soaked in warm water before and after breastfeeding.
Use a mask that covers your nose and mouth regularly (don't use it repeatedly because the protective effect will decrease)
Avoid giving babies extra food or drinks too early
Improve environmental cleanliness

However, if your cough and runny nose do not improve after undergoing treatment from a doctor, do not hesitate to check back to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine, yes. Or, if your baby is also infected with cough and runny nose, also check with his doctor or specialist doctor children should be given the best treatment.

I hope this helps.

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