Prevention And Recovery Time For Acute Hepatitis B?

Illustration of Prevention And Recovery Time For Acute Hepatitis B?
Illustration: Prevention And Recovery Time For Acute Hepatitis B?

Good morning, I am 25 years old, I have recently been infected with acute hepatitis B. Can the hepatitis B virus disappear or not be transmitted to others and approximately how long is the recovery? can spread it? r nThank you.

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Hello Meiwida, thank you for your question to

Hepatitis is an inflammation that occurs in the liver / human liver. Hepatitis itself can be caused by many things, for example due to hepatitis virus infection and consumption of certain drugs.

In your condition, hepatitis is caused by infection from a virus. Hepatitis virus itself has many types, namely hepatitis A, B, C, D, to E. However, the most common cases are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. The infection is distinguished based on the process of spreading the virus and the development of the disease .

Hepatitis A, inflammation of the liver due to hepatitis A virus infection that is transmitted through food / objects contaminated with the virus into our bodies by mouth. Therefore, washing utensils properly and cleanliness of hands and food is very important to avoid this disease. Hepatitis A is only acute (not prolonged disease). Hepatitis B. In your case, there has been an infection by the Hepatitis B virus into the body. Transmission of the virus itself comes from body fluids (blood, sexual relations (sperm or vaginal fluids), transmission from mother to fetus during pregnancy or to the baby during the birth process, injuries due to syringes / other). In contrast to hepatitis A which usually heals completely, the hepatitis B virus in some people can persist and cause chronic illness. Of the total incidence of hepatitis B in adults, 95% of patients can recover completely, but there are 5% of cases where they become chronic infections, and from chronic infections, about 15-20% of them can experience more severe liver disease conditions, such as cirrhosis in heart. Therefore, good treatment is needed in this case of hepatitis B. Hepatitis C. Mode of transmission from hepatitis C is more or less the same as transmission of hepatitis B. However, in the condition of hepatitis C, the risk of sufferers to experience damage to the liver is greater, so that the infection is closely related to the incidence of liver / liver failure (liver function is not can walk normally) and liver cancer. Symptoms of hepatitis virus infection are not so specific. Usually patients can feel no symptoms at all, or can also experience symptoms such as fever, malaise, right upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, skin or eyes becoming more yellow, and so forth.

For your question, the healing process from hepatitis B varies. As mentioned above, 95% of people with hepatitis B can recover completely if their endurance is good. It can take up to several months to ascertain whether the patient has fully recovered or the infection continues and leads to chronic hepatitis. Therefore, I suggest you to continue to control the condition and development of your disease to a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will do a complete physical examination and will monitor the level of the virus in your body and also see the markers of your liver function through blood tests.

For transmission, as explained earlier, transmission of the Hepatitis B virus occurs through body fluids, for example blood, sperm, and vagina. So, while it is recommended that you do not have a blood transfusion, use the syringe alternately, and have unprotected sexual relations (condoms). If you are married, an examination to detect infection in a partner can be done. Transmission through other fluids such as saliva, tears, sweat until now is still being studied. In several studies found a virus in the tears and saliva of patients, but touching, hugging, light kissing will not transmit this disease. Keep in mind, to transmit the disease requires a pathway in and out of the virus. If there are wounds on the skin, even if they are small, they can become a pathway for the virus (note that small wounds on your skin and your nephew as a way to get in and out of the virus).

Hopefully it will be useful, and hopefully you will always be healthy.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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