Prevention Of Preeclampsia During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Prevention Of Preeclampsia During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Prevention Of Preeclampsia During Pregnancy? Bing

amualaikum wr wb, I want to ask and ask for advice and tips so that I don’t experience pre-eclampsia when I enter the 3rd trimester. This is my experience who just gave birth last October 2017 at 32 weeks of gestation, and was forced to be born immediately because my child had IUFD. I had severe pre-eclampsia at 28 weeks of pregnancy. Please advise yes. Because I want to have another child without any trauma and worry that something like yesterday will happen. Thank you

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In patients with a history of high risk pregnancy, one of which is the incidence of preeclampsia, it is necessary to carry out routine examinations and periodic evaluations in subsequent pregnancies.

If your family has a history of hypertension, or maybe you also have a history of hypertension, then handling hypertension from the beginning or long before pregnancy needs to be done and controlled properly, thereby reducing the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Some of the conditions below can trigger the occurrence of preeclampsia during pregnancy, so you need to analyze yourself and your habits, namely:

1. physical fatigue, this can happen to pregnant women who work

2. stress or anxiety

3. During pregnancy often consume instant food, noodles, meatballs, and foods with excess salt and MSG content

4. During pregnancy often consume soft drinks, coffee, and instant drinks

5. Thyroid disorders

6. Obesity before pregnancy

7. Age of pregnant women under 20 years old and above 35 years old

Therefore, during planning for the next pregnancy, you can prepare your physical condition and stamina to face the next pregnancy. Consult regularly with your obstetrician to determine the risk of early occurrence of preeclampsia. Doctors will try to control your blood pressure to prevent the risk of preeclampsia.

Management will be carried out periodically by the doctor regarding your clinical condition during pregnancy.

What you need to do during your next pregnancy is:

1. Avoid risky foods, thereby preventing the risk of sodium accumulation at risk of increasing blood pressure

2. Avoid physical fatigue, especially when you work. If you feel tired and stressed, then take time off to take care of your body system

3. Avoid sleeping late during pregnancy

4. Do a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and before pregnancy

5. enough water

6.idealize your weight before the next pregnancy

That's the information we can convey, also read about preeclampsia.

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