Prevention To Prevent Recurrent Miscarriage?

Illustration of Prevention To Prevent Recurrent Miscarriage?
Illustration: Prevention To Prevent Recurrent Miscarriage?

Good night. I have been married 1.5 years and 2 times pregnant (ended in miscarriage) in 2017. r nMy questions: r n1. At 6week of pregnancy, my first time to travel overland for 12 hours (2 hours of rest), will this affect my miscarriage at that time (miscarriage 8week March 2017)? [I was not given the enhancement drug] r n r n2. In my 2nd pregnancy it was only 2 months from the first miscarriage. Even though I have taken care of my food and activities. Is there a close relationship between previous pregnancies and previous miscarriages? R n r n3. thank God this week the testpack and 2 lines appeared. What should I avoid so that my fetus can develop well and be healthy? What about household chores such as washing, cooking, etc.? Should I be bedrest or bgmn? R n r n # I have a torch test and it is negative r n # I have not done a chromosome test and a blood clotting test r n r nThank you for your answer

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Data show that 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Miscarriage can also occur before a woman realizes that she is pregnant. In the majority of cases (60%), miscarriage occurs because of genetic abnormalities in the result of conception. These genetic disorders can be caused due to spontaneous genetic mutations in sperm or egg cells, or there are certain genetic disorders that are inherited from the parents.

Several other factors that can cause recurrent miscarriage include:

Anatomical factors, namely the presence of anatomical abnormalities in the uterus
Antiphospholipid syndrome, which is a disorder in which the immune system attacks a protein in the blood which causes blood clots to occur in the arteries, veins, and in organs.
Hormonal and metabolic factors, such as thyroid hormone disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, increased prolactin hormone, etc.
TORCH infection, HIV, BV (bacterial vaginosis), etc.
Other factors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use, excessive caffeine consumption

Here's to answer your question:

Does traveling long distances cause miscarriage?

Most likely not. Long trips are not associated with miscarriage in women. Uterine-strengthening drugs are not routinely given to pregnant women, only to women who are at risk of miscarriage or there is a history of bleeding during pregnancy.

Does the proximity of the next pregnancy cause a miscarriage?

Most likely not. In the past, women were advised to wait for 2-3 months after a miscarriage to get pregnant again, but now this is no longer the case. A person may get pregnant again immediately after a miscarriage if the partner wishes. The proximity of subsequent pregnancies to previous miscarriages also does not increase the risk of miscarriage.

What should be avoided so that the fetus develops well and is healthy?

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, you can eat a balanced nutritious diet in sufficient amounts (not less, not excessive), not smoking, not drinking alcohol, not using illegal drugs, consuming caffeine in moderation, taking your pregnancy vitamins regularly, control your pregnancy regularly. You can still do light household chores as usual. You don't need to do bed rest unless there are certain indications to do it on the advice of your gynecologist.

You should control back to your gynecologist. Because of your history of recurrent miscarriages, your gynecologist will likely perform certain tests such as chromosomal examinations, antiphospholipid antibody tests, ultrasound examinations to see if certain abnormalities are in the uterus, or other necessary tests.

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