Prevents Recurring Bleeding During Childbirth?

Illustration of Prevents Recurring Bleeding During Childbirth?
Illustration: Prevents Recurring Bleeding During Childbirth?

dl when I gave birth. In the beginning, everything was clear. By the way … After 3 minutes, it will come out quickly. My bbbaby 3.7kgAri2 is pretty bad. 1baskon is pretty full mo. Bb before 78kg. Up 23kg from before hmil. After ari2 came out. Tb2 pr nurses are busy q asking why. Ma’am, the bleeding is great, sis. And 5perwt panic. But I feel normal. After the injection via an infusion. And I don’t know, mrs. After 1 hour I could stand up. Still also flowing blood is quite heavy. Prwt also kwtr and told me to be able to not hold the drh. My question is what will be when I use lg gt lg. Because it doesn’t work, let me do that again.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Exit bleeding in large quantities after childbirth has its own term in the medical world, namely post-partum hemorrhage (PPH). PPH is a condition of blood loss of 500-1000 cc in the first 24 hours after giving birth. So it does not have to be direct when the placenta comes out, all bleeding that occurs within 24 hours is still included in PPH. This condition can be caused by various things, including:

Uterus remains in the uterus Blood clotting disorders Uterus tears Tear in the birth canal Blood pressure disorders Lack of uterine contractions after birth Pregnant two or more babies Long labor Delivery Infection Obesity or excessive weight Abnormalities of the placenta

It's only natural that your nurses panic because if the condition isn't handled properly and your bleeding continues, this condition can cause shock and death, even if you don't feel any complaints at that time. But regarding your question, this condition can be repeated whether or not it will depend on the cause of bleeding at that time. If the bleeding at that time was due to a blood clotting disorder, this condition could not be cured and might recur. If it is caused by anomalies, the risk increases if compared to before but it must not happen. However, if the bleeding occurs due to birth canal injury, it will not necessarily be the same injury, so the risk is small, but still there.

What is important for you to understand is that with this condition, you should be more careful with your next pregnancy, and more routinely control your obstetrician. Improve your preparation, and when it's time to give birth, it will be better if you give birth in the hospital with the help of an obstetrician because the supervision will be tighter.

In addition, among the factors that can increase the risk of PPH is the age of the mother who is more than 40 years, so if you have exceeded it, you should reconsider the desire to have children. So, hopefully answering your question.

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