Pricardial Effusion Healing

Illustration of Pricardial Effusion Healing
Illustration: Pricardial Effusion Healing

Doc how to cure pericardial effusion which the liquid in it has reached 1 liter whether it should be sucked or there are other treatments

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Hello Firsa, Thank you for the question.

Pericardial effusion is a condition of the accumulation of fluid in the peritardium membrane. This condition can cause symptoms such as chest pain, fever, shortness of breath, weakness, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting. Symptoms usually appear if the amount of fluid that has accumulated is very large. This condition is a condition that needs to be treated immediately because it can threaten the lives of sufferers. The causes of pericardial effusion are pericarditis (for example due to viral and bacterial infections), autoimmune diseases, injury to the pericardium, kidney failure, thyroid hormone disorders, side effects of certain drugs, and others.

In general, if the amount of fluid is small, this condition does not cause symptoms in patients and there is no need to handle fluid suction. However, if the amount of fluid is large enough, then the initial treatment that should be done is to do fluid suction because if the fluid is not immediately drained then this fluid can inhibit the movement of the heart pump so that heart function can be disrupted. As a complication, sufferers can experience cardiac arrest. After the initial treatment by siphoning a liquid, other treatments that will be given by the doctor depend on the cause of the effusion. If it is caused by kidney failure, then the condition of kidney failure must be treated as well; if it is caused by an autoimmune disease, treatment is also given to overcome the autoimmune condition. Please consult further with your doctor who treats patients to get more precise information about the condition and subsequent treatment.

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