Principles Of HIV Transmission?

Illustration of Principles Of HIV Transmission?
Illustration: Principles Of HIV Transmission?

Good evening doctor !! n nI want to ask, in the principle of HIV transmission known as ESSE ,, which is there? The number of viruses transmitted must be sufficient .. n nThe real question from me is what is the minimum amount of virus that enters the body someone so as to infect … ??? n nBecause I never got the exact answer n nThank you doctor

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Hello Mother,

HIV is a virus that infects the immune system. HIV transmission includes risky sex, open wounds or mucosal exposure to infected body fluids, transmission from mother to fetus, sharing of needles (including tattoos, piercings, and drugs), and blood transfusions contaminated with the virus.

Currently used is the viral load in the body of HIV patients. The higher the viral load of PLWHA, the higher the risk of transmitting HIV to other people. To keep the viral load low, PLWHA must take anti-retroviral drugs (ARV). With a low viral load, the possibility of transmitting it to other people will also be smaller.

From the research results, if the viral load is undetectable and PLWHA is still taking ARVs, then the possibility of transmission is very small, some studies say zero risk. However, it is still advisable to consult an internal medicine doctor to prevent HIV transmission to partners and other people.

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