Probiotic Supplement Consumption In Infants 1 Month?

Dear doctor, I would like to ask, is it permissible for a 29-day-old baby to consume L Bio for a long time? Thank you.

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Probiotics such as L Bio are actually not recommended to be given routinely to babies under 3 months because the inner lining of the baby's intestine is still very thin and not yet mature enough. This can put the risk of good bacteria contained in probiotics into the bloodstream and cause infection. The risk of side effects from giving probiotics is very, very small and cases like those described above are also very, very rare, but the possibility remains. Therefore, you should always discuss giving supplements including probiotic supplements to the pediatrician who treats your baby

Sometimes probiotics can be prescribed by doctors to babies with diarrhea to help improve the normal flora in the baby's gut. It is better if the probiotic is drunk according to the rules given by the doctor and should not be taken continuously when the treatment period is over.

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