Procedure For Blood Tests?

Illustration of Procedure For Blood Tests?
Illustration: Procedure For Blood Tests?

The doctor how if I do a draining test to diagnose syphilis and so on. For pregnant women. which should be used once for two fingers at a time for the next finger because of the mistake of putting the test machine. Is that the dose or is it okay?

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Blood tests in principle can be obtained from capillary blood vessels (generally through examinations where samples are taken at the tips of the fingers) or through veins (usually taken on the elbows).

If there is a sampling error or failure (for whatever reason), it is not a problem if the procedure is repeated in a different location, because the sampling procedure only uses the needle, without any use of drugs or anything.

This is not dangerous if done in a different place, because if it is still done in the same place can cause injury to the blood vessels. As long as it's done in different blood vessels, this is generally harmless.

The repetition of the procedure experienced by you may aim to ensure that the results of the examination to be carried out provide an accurate result.

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