Procedure For Fixing Braces Behind The Teeth?

, I want to ask. You can install the stirrup on the back of the tooth, right? If possible, what is the procedure and is the handling fee more expensive or the same as for installing the stirrup in front?

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Braces or braces is a dental procedure that aims to straighten the position of the teeth and jaw. There are many types of braces. Maybe you mean the braces behind the teeth are lingual braces.

Lingual braces are a type of stirrup where the installation is on the back of the teeth close to the tongue so that they are not visible from the outside when smiling. The installation of these lingual braces is more complicated than ordinary stirrups, therefore the price tends to be more expensive. In addition, not everyone can have lingual braces, for example in people with small jaws, the dentist will first examine your teeth and jaw and then decide whether or not to install lingual braces.

If you want to use lingual braces, you can first consult with your dentist so that you can do further tests and determine the most suitable treatment plan.

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