Procedure For Installing Dentures On Broken Front Teeth?

Illustration of Procedure For Installing Dentures On Broken Front Teeth?
Illustration: Procedure For Installing Dentures On Broken Front Teeth?

Hello, My name is Fany, I am 20 years old, my upper front tooth is broken and I have to put a denture in it. I want to ask for a denture, especially the upper front teeth, for what procedure itself? Is it true that cases like me have broken teeth pulled first and then wait 7-10 days before we can get dentures? Please explain, thank you

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Hello Rifani, thank you for asking.

In a broken tooth must be assessed first how far the tooth is broken. Is it only broken on the body of the tooth or to the root of the tooth, or is there a part of the jaw bone that is broken. The dentist will perform an initial examination and may require a radiological examination that is an x-ray. The dentist will determine whether the tooth is still possible to be attached to a jacket or should be removed and installed dental implants or the use of removable dentures.

The procedure of course depends on the type of action chosen by the dentist. You should discuss this with your dentist because the details of the implementation procedure are the competence of the dentist not the general practitioner. If the dentist estimates that your teeth must be removed first, then after being extracted you must wait several days or about a week for the extraction wound to heal completely. While this is most important is to maintain oral and dental hygiene, do not let broken teeth get infected. Brush your teeth at least 2x a day in the right way, rinse with an antiseptic solution, use dental floss, avoid sugary drinks, and avoid caffeine, soda, or alcohol and cigarettes if you consume both. Thus our answer, hopefully could be useful. Regards.

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