Procedure For Plastic Surgery?

Illustration of Procedure For Plastic Surgery?
Illustration: Procedure For Plastic Surgery?

Hello, Can plastic surgery change the total physicality of people who are very ugly and physically born innate by genes and race? I am a descendant of a village / village person and my parents’ physical appearance is really ugly, bumpy, old-fashioned and strange in shape, and not pleasant from any angle. The shape of my skull is strange and ugly. What plastic surgery can change my physical appearance from the appearance of the face, the shape of the skull, the shape of the face, the long neck, the shape of the hair, the shape of the body’s bone structure, to my skin so that I look attractive and don’t look ugly. I am very ashamed to have a physical plumb, not easy to see, looks stupid and geeky because of its strange shape. * 25th man

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Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for asking

The rapid development of medical science, including plastic surgery, now allows for a variety of procedures that were previously considered impossible, including the physical reconstruction of the body as you said. Of course, all this returns to your choice as the owner of the body.

However, before deciding to do the plastic surgery, you should first ask the bottom of your heart, is it true that you need the procedure? For what purpose did you do it? Is it to get your own satisfaction, to be considered handsome by others, or what? So if your physical has changed the way you want, is it certain that your quality of life will improve afterwards? Or just the opposite?

Plastic surgery, like other types of action, is not free from risk. Not a few people who have had plastic surgery experience side effects, such as allergies, scarring, bleeding, secondary infections, and even death. Not only that, if you yourself do not have a clear purpose why you want to carry out the reconstruction of the body, then you can not easily be satisfied, so you want to go back to reconstruction again, and again. If it's like this, of course the risk of side effects will be greater, and the total cost you will spend later is not small.

Our advice, give thanks for all the blessings that God Almighty has given you, including the appearance of your face and body. This difference in the appearance of your face and body, even though you think it is ugly, can actually be a unique feature that makes you recognized by people around you. Is not the quality of one's self is not only determined by physical form alone?

Improve the quality of yourself, that is by being a good person, easy to get along with many people, want to empathize with what is experienced by others, humble, hard-working, do not hesitate to introspect yourself, make it a habit of positive thinking, and want to continue learning without stopping . Not a few people who succeed and are able to live their lives very well even though not blessed with perfect physical You are, of course, far more fortunate than them.

Therefore, if you want to focus on the blessings that God has given you, including the pleasures of healthy living and being surrounded by people who love you, surely physical will no longer be a significant obstacle. Remember, God will increase the pleasure of His servants if he is good at thanking him.

That's all our explanation. You can consult directly with your doctor or plastic surgeon specialist to get more complete information.

Hope this helps ...

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