Procedure For Sperm Analysis?

Illustration of Procedure For Sperm Analysis?
Illustration: Procedure For Sperm Analysis?

For sperm analysis, it is better if the husband’s sperm is not released max how many days?

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Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

To assess male fertility, one of which is to assess the quality of sperm. A good sperm is a sperm that has good quality, movement, and structure so that it is able to penetrate into the ovaries. Once ejaculated men can remove up to a dozen sperm cells.

The process of sperm formation can be called spermatogenesis, this process takes approximately 15 days. This process begins with the division of spermatogenic stem cells into spermatids / young sperm, then becomes the perfect form of moving spermatozoa / adult sperm. However, this process will occur continuously, without having to wait for an adult sperm released. Ideally to optimize sperm quality, the recommended frequency of ejaculation is 3-4 times a week.

Now, aside from these internal factors, some other things your husband can do to improve sperm quality are:

Consumption of nutritious foods such as fish, vegetables, and whole grains will make sperm more active.
Apply a healthy lifestyle from an early age, regular exercise makes good sperm quality. Smoking and alcohol consumption can damage sperm cells, so that when cooked is not too good.
A good testicular temperature is around 1 - 2'C below body temperature for good sperm results, so avoid using pants / underwear that are too tight.
Make sure your husband is free from sexually transmitted diseases.

Check sperm in the morning, because according to research the most amount of sperm production is in the morning.

That's all my answer, hopefully you can give an idea.

Thank you, always healthy :)

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