Procedure For Sperm Examination?

Illustration of Procedure For Sperm Examination?
Illustration: Procedure For Sperm Examination?

I want to ask. On Sunday I want to check sperm but on Saturday I have a wet dream, can I still check sperm?

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Hello Riko Ipank,

Sperm examination or sperm analysis can be used to look at semen volume, semen thickness, sperm acid base level (pH), sperm morphology / shape, sperm count in semen, and sperm motility / movement. Examination is done to see the fertility of male patients, for example in the case of infertile couples. Besides sperm analysis is also used as a post-vasectomy evaluation and to support the diagnosis of Clinifelter abnormalities.

The things that must be done before sperm analysis are:

Abstain from sexual intercourse / masturbation / no ejaculation 2-3 days before the examination
Do not consume alcoholic beverages, caffeine, tobacco products 2-5 days before inspection
Do not use artificial lubricants during masturbation to remove sperm samples
Do not take sperm samples when conditions are stressful
Tells the types of medications / herbal medicines consumed during approaching the examination. Consult the doctor of treatment what needs to be stopped for a while

The things above must be done in order to obtain an accurate sperm analysis. Besides sperm examination can also be repeated several times at intervals of 2-3 weeks to get a real picture of sperm. Samples are collected using special pots. It is better to collect sperm liquid since the first ejaculation. The sample is kept at a certain temperature so that it is not damaged. The maximum sampling distance to the examination is 60 minutes, if it exceeds the time that the sperm examined can give inaccurate results.

You should wait for the right time to be able to do a sperm analysis or you can consult again with the doctor who sent you for a sperm analysis check to find out if the examination can continue. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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